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When Another Dragon Roars fuses Altered Scales outstanding puppetry with Petite Ullaloom's unique storytelling style


Austin Mitchel-Hewitt is the artistic director and founder of Altered Scale Theatre and has extensive experience with puppetry as an artform. He has performed with companies like Tall Stories, and designed puppets and performed with Fuse theatre, Unity Theatre and NML. He is an associate artist for Action Transport. 

Lucy  Fiori is an actress, writer and artistic Director of Petite Ullaloom. She has produced and toured children’s shows with a dark twist including Spooky Tales and The Fear Factor, and has been commissioned to create shows for companies such as The Biennial, NML, Paper-chatterbox and The Unity Theatre.              

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Lucy Fiori


Austin Mitchel-Hewitt

We're so delighted to work with such an experienced team with

a diverse range of talents!

Lucy Fiori-Actress/Producer

Kevin Dyer- Director

Karl C Newsam- Movement Director

Barry Han- Composer

Austin Mitchel-Hewitt Actor/Designer/Producer

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